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UMUC Career Services         This career service website provides access to career-related resources and support to not only current students but also the alumni. Whether one is a career transitioner, joining the job market or one is looking to advance his or her career, this website provides pertinent information in regard to professional development and advancement. Accordingly, the information on this website is informative and of great interest to me in relation to my career selection, career development, job search, and career planning. The link on the Internship and Job search interests me because it offers an opportunity for me to a student to open an account which I can use to apply for internships and jobs anytime from anywhere not only when I am a student but also when I become an alumnus.  This link also provides an opportunity for me to upload my resume to the online database University of Maryland University College.  This offers an opportunity for employers both from local and national level to find me.

Furthermore, the tab on the career quest enables one to research companies and organizations together with their contacts in one `s job industry. This makes it easy for one to know the industries one can apply for jobs and work with.  Also, what interested me in this website are the tips that the career experts offer on how college graduates, as well as career changers, can land their dream jobs. Additionally, the website links caught my attention as it provides one with tips on how to come up with good cover letters and resumes which can catch the attention of human resource managers to arrange for an interview with one. Likewise, there is the link that offers pertinent guidelines on how to show great impression during a job interview that can provide high chances for one to be employed.   The career planning link also impressed me as it enables one access career planning guidelines from the career advisors at the University of Maryland University College. This helps one to commence a career dream based on what he or she wants to become. The available in this website enables one to decide on the field he or she will enter together with the kind of job they will like to do in a specific industry.  Also, these guidelines help one to advance their careers and those who want to change their careers find this website helpful.

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