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Immigration plays a huge role in the population of the United States. The U.S is looked at as a place for a new start and a place to begin a new life. This country gives people the opportunity to make their own choices and have their own freedom, who are we to decide who can have these rights or not. Should Americans really have to right to deny another human being the right to live in this beautiful country? America is a wonderful place to live, so should immigration become legalized, meaning as soon as a foreigner steps on U.S soil should they be considered a U.S citizen or should immigration stay illegal for those who do not go through the naturalization process?

Many people may look down on immigration because they see immigrants just coming to the United States and “taking” jobs from less fortunate Americans, which in all honestly those Americans are not willing to do those jobs anyways, but that still remains to be a huge debate. Americans tend to frown upon immigration because if immigrants take the time to actually come to this country, they should take the time to become a legalized citizen of the U.S, but even if immigrants did so would Americas opinions really change?

Another problem people see with immigrants is the increase of population, some may see this as a huge dilemma and in some eyes it is completely true, but at the same time immigrants come to this country wanting to start a new life. When you know that is what immigration pretty much means then maybe immigrants would have a better chance at starting a new life in the U.S. Immigration happens to more countries then just one, and I am sure the citizens are equally upset at the effects immigration has on their country as well. Immigrants may come to this country and take away a few American jobs or even some of Americas homes but if these spots are open and no one is willing to take them then why should someone be denied the right to all of these things just because they truly are not a legal citizen.

Another question that is asked very often is why would a foreigner be willing to put his or her life on the line to come to the country and not want to make their residency legal, if the hard part of their journey is already out of the way. Why would they not want to take the time to make their stay legal when they have basically already gone through the tuff part of illegally entering the United States? That is a very good question that is asked, but would someone honestly be willing to give an immigrant a chance to start a new life, most would say no. Ultimately the biggest problem most people have with immigrants is the whole job and population situation, which really is not that big of a deal to most people who do not want low paying jobs, but yet the still seem to argue that if they had to they would take a low paying job with bad health benefits and hard labor, that is a answer you are most likely to get, but in all reality no American is really willing to take. Immigration definitely has disadvantages but also had many plus sides as well.

Immigration definitely seems to have benefits as well. When an immigrant comes to the United States they are not simply placed in a high office job, they take what they can get. That shows how desperate they really are to just come to this country and take what they can get, which is a extremely hard thing to do seeing how most Americans are not willing to help someone else out. One of the main reasons why immigrants come to this country is to save up some money and actually try to start up a new life.

Immigrants are a lot more hard working then most of the average American because they make more of an effort to stay in this country and they see that by living here it is a privilege and not a right, which some Americans take granite for. Immigrants also contribute back to the U.S because they help expand the culture and ethnic traits, which seems to create a bigger and diverse place to live. That helps Americans experience different parts of the world as well as expanding their outlook on that particular race. Immigration takes a lot of hard work and heart to carry on with and if you look at it that way then maybe you will see that if and immigrant is willing to do all of that then maybe that same positive attitude will contribute to the

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