Basic Acting
Basic Acting
Basic Acting
Journal Entry One
There are many roles that I play, or at least attempt to play, in my everyday life. This makes it more difficult to choose only five roles to describe. However, I feel like my roles as a daughter, a sister, a friend, a student, and “a shoulder to cry on” are the roles that I find myself playing on the most constant basis.

My role as a daughter is very different from all of my other roles. My typical costume is anything that my dad would find appropriate (a.k.a. anything that doesn’t show my stomach, or too much of any other body part). My language is definitely censored in comparison to the manner in which I talk to my friends and my southern accent becomes a lot stronger because both of my parents have strong accents. I always walk with my back straight so that I don’t get the “good posture” lecture from my dad. The environment is simply anywhere that I am with my parents whether it be on the farm, church, at the beach, or just inside the house. My time spent in this role has decreased significantly from when I was in high school. I used to spend the majority of everyday in this role but now I only fully take on this role when I see them on breaks. The adjectives that I would associate with this role are good, obedient, respectful, and sweet. The role of a daughter is definitely one of my favorite roles. I respect my parents so much that I feel honored that I get to learn and develop from their examples. I am only expected to do my best and be a good, honest person when I am playing this role.

My role as a sister is also a very fun role. My typical costume is usually relaxed
attire or a bathing suit because my brothers and I go out on the boat and simply relax
together most of the time. My vocal quality usually becomes a little clearer and more emphasized when speaking with my brothers. I think this helps me to establish a level of equality rather than just being the little sister. I am always smiling and laughing when I am with my brothers and I am always walking quickly to keep up with their long steps. Our environment is most commonly on our boat or in our apartment in Miami. The time spent in this role varies greatly. This summer I spent almost everyday in this role because I lived with my brother but now that I am in school I only play this role when I see them about once a month or when I talk to them on the phone. The adjectives associated with this role are tough, caring, loving, and admiring. I feel completely protected and safe in this role because my brothers and I are so close. My only expectations in this role are to be a good sister who knows how to act like a guy when needed.

My role as a friend differs in every friendship. My typical costume is a bikini, fun bar clothes, or just a pair of sweatpants. My speech becomes faster and a more giggly because I am always joking with my friends. My walk is usually a slower paced stroll. My mannerisms are definitely more feminine than the

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