Piping and Tensile Member
1.1 Piping
Piping is important in every system.This control the flow rate of every system.
The type of pipe chosen after a lot of consideration is Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipe.
Characteristic of PVC pipe include that is relatively low cost,it require low cost compared to other type of piping.It has good biological and chemical resistance as well which form a good basis and avoid futher corrosion and last longer compared to some easy corrosion material.Besides it acts as a good electric insulator as well.The high hardness and mechanical properties add advantage and a point to our consideration.It can also withstand temperature up to 100C which means there will be no risk of breakdown due to high temperature of the water or liquid or any system as long as it is under 100C.

1.2 Tensile Member
Material chosen for the tensile member is brass.Based on the data obtained from the tensile testing,brass has a youngs modulus of 109 N/m2,which is smaller than steel but greater than aluminium.Brass is concluded to be able to show significant strain for detection for Optical Strain System(OSS) while staying within the elastic limit.Formula F=kx is used,if a material exceed its elastic limit,plastic deformation will occur which cause the formula to be invalid and thus affecting the design of the process control system.

1.3 Magnetic Drive Centrifugal pump
The advantages of the pump is the sharp decrease the chance of spillage of liquid carried.The heat transfer from the motor is reduced drastically.But there are high energy loss due to eddy current happen in the magnetic field which may decrease the low efficiency of the system.

1.4 Diaphragm pump
This pump is suitable for dry running and wet

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