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some hacking tricks
This is a complimation of computer tricks, mainly security and privacy related.
By: [email protected]
Flames: If you think this is crap, youre probably right. Sue me
Send/ email to anyone as long as the entire file is intact
Site:, for more
Getting Ips:–
To see the ip all computers you are connected to (web servers, people attempting to hack into your computer).
Go to dos (start>run>type command) and run the netstat command. Type netstat /? for details.
Type netstat -r at the command prompt to see the ip of all computers you are connected to
In MSN (and other programs) when you are chatting to someone everything you type goes through the MSN servers first (they act as a proxy) so you see their ip rather than who you are chatting to. You can get round this by sending them a file as MSN doesnt send file through its proxy.

When you type the netstat -r (or -a for a different view) the ips are under the foreign address table. The ports are separated
by a : . Different programs use different ports, so you can work out which ips are from which program.
Connecting to other computers and what ports are:–
Servers send information. Clients retrieve. Simple.
Windows comes with a built in program to connect to other computers called telnet.
To start Windows telnet Start menu> Run> type Telnet. Click connect> remote system
Ports are doors into computers. Hosts are computer names
(ip number or a name that is translated into the ip automatically)
Different programs open different ports, but they always open the same ports so other computers know which port to connect to. You can get a port list listing all the different ports, but a basic one is:

11 :- Sends info on the computer
21 :- FTP (File transfer program)
23 :- Telnet (Login to the computers command line)
25 :- Smtp (Sends mail)
80 :- Http (Web pages)
There are thousands of different programs using different ports. You can get programs called portscanners which check a computer for all ports up to a certain number, looking for ways in. You can portscan a computer looking for ways-in.

Anyway, back to telnet.
Type as the host and port as 80 the click connect.
If nothing happens, youre in. Wow. You are connected to Yahoos server.
You can now type http commands (you are connected to an http server, so it supports http commands). Ie. on an ftp server you can type open and it will do something. On an http server it will just wonder what the hell you are on about.

Type get / http/1.0 then press enter twice to get the file on the server at / (try /index.html) etc.)
Allowing dos and regedit in a restricted Windows
A very simple tactic I found after accidentally locking myself out of dos and regedit is to open notepad and type the following:

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