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The author of the novel, “Over The Wall”, is John H. Ritter. The book was published by Penguin Group on 345 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014, U.S.A., in 2000.

The book I read was a fictional novel and also a historical novel.
There were three different settings in this novel. They are: California, New York, and Washington D.C.
The story started in California where Tyler lives. The main setting of the novel was in New York where he travelled to spend the summer vacation with his relatives. The other setting, Washington, was where he went to see the Vietnam Monument which has his grandfathers name on it.

The setting affects the story because they are in the States and in the story one of the days is July 4TH. The setting also affects it because they go see the Vietnam Monument which is in Washington D.C.

The setting does affect the conflict. One area this affects the conflict is when Tyler goes to New York to live with aunt for the summer. This allows him to get away from California where his sister died and his father does not speak to him. Another area this happens is in Washington where Tyler sees the Vietnam Monument. Tyler thinks that the Vietnam War took away his grandfather and his grandfathers dream of becoming an astronaut. This thought changes though. Tyler realizes that his grandfather wasnt the only person killed in the war. Tyler reads that the Americans lost 58 thousand soldiers while the Vietnamese lost over 3 million, soldiers, and innocent men, women, and children.

“Over The Wall” was about a boy named Tyler from California who travels to visit his cousins in New York for the summer. Tyler is a kid with a troubled personal life. His sister was accidentally killed and he and his parents have been affected by this. Tyler has learned to cope with his problems with a terrible temper. Throughout the story he has to learn to contain his temper if he is to make it on the All Star Baseball Team. Tyler also changes and matures through the novel when he travels to Washington and learns about the Vietnam War. His grandpa was killed in the Vietnam War and Tyler is overwhelmed also with the loss the Vietnamese suffered.

The main characters of the story are Tyler, who is the main character, Louie,

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