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SHARIFA RAHMAN BINTO                         110044517RIYADH MOHAMMED ALI AL-AWADHI   110044948MASHIAT SALWA                                        11004619607-Apr-17LIMKOKWING UNIVERSITY OF CREATIVE TECHNOLOGYCAMPUS SPORTS FAIR 2017IMPROVISATION OF SPORTS FAIR[pic 1]Table of ContentsIntroduction        3Facilities        4Marketing        5Financial Management        6Sponsorship Management        7Performance Management        8Equipments        9Conclusion        10References        11IntroductionLimkokwing University of Creative Technology has recently organized a two-day sports event named as LKWSportsFair at Cyberjaya campus. The event was a huge success with the spontaneous participation of sponsors, crew members, students and staff who volunteered to set up the event. The campus sport fair 2017 included Futsal, Chess, Billiards, Basketball and E-Games to be played by the students. Besides Limkokwing team, the event was supported by Nestle, Maggie and Nescafe as well. The players registered as a team and individuals to participate in the event and the trophy was waiting for the winning team. Though the event was a great accomplishment for Limkokwing University, some technical, managerial, branding and strategic sectors can be improved for future betterment.[pic 2][pic 3]FacilitiesLimkokwing University sports fair 2017 contained a verity of sports activities, which included, Futsal, Basketball, Pool table, and Chess. These activities took place in different areas, such as, the plaza and a couple of classrooms around the campus. There was a huge gathering to see and participate in these events, which made it hard for some to get in or have the full experience which opened the idea to improve it much better so students and participants can enjoy the experience at much better rate and also have a good time at the event, which is the main purpose of this event. Moving on to the areas to improve on when doing these sports events. Starting with the facilities, the Futsal court was quite small and just had a room for one match at a time; a better solution is to have the event take place at a proper sport venue around the area which will make it easier and also faster. Having multiple facilities would increase the number of participants and have a spacious area for people to watch and also get ready for their games. Another issue that caught attention was the lack of sports at the event. It would be much easier if the university rented multiple facilities for different sports, which will increase the range of sports also make it more comfortable for everybody the players and the organizers. Other sports that might be included such as, Dodge ball, Tennis and so on. Having many sports at the event will help with the number of people participating and also the event will pull many people who are interested in different sports. Organizing the event was not shown during some of the sports played, for example Basketball there was no actual games going on just people shooting the ball. If the organizers of the event have bigger facilities and organized a tournament for players it would have been more fun and many people would have attended the event. To sum it up to improve facilities it needs to have a bigger venue, more organizing required and add more exciting sports to the list.

MarketingLeverage Word of MouthBefore anything else, why not use one of the oldest means of communication known to man? Depending on the size of the sport event, students can access to a large extended network of friends, classmates and acquaintances of their club members. People they know personally are often happy to lend their support. Therefore, why not try to involve them? It can be as simple way as asking players, club members and volunteers to spread the word about any upcoming games and events. Yet, in order for this to work it is crucial that Limkokwing actually keeps everyone informed. After all, the club members can only tell others of things they themselves know about. The aforementioned mailing list is a great way to keep inner circle in the loop and kindly ask them to inform others. This kind of promotion can also easily go hand in hand with online marketing measures. Use Posters and FlyersPromotion via print media has worked for decades and continues to do so even in our digital age. Services make it easy to design professionally-looking posters and flyers even for non-designers. No need to hire someone and spend extra money. Of course, this is not suitable for every single game or competition, because it would result in overkill. However, if university has special event coming up or a call for new players, print is a pretty good option. Another thing, if Limkokwing uses paper route, it should not forget to include its online presences, like adding social media links. Other social media mediums can be used, such as twitter and instagram to spread the word of the event. (, 2017) [pic 4]Financial ManagementThis matter is one of the key factors in making any event possible. Financing an event can be hard to do and need a lot of thinking and organizing to make it happen. Many questions will rise such as how are we going to pay for the facilities and tools used by the participants. I have not gotten the full idea of how the organizers at Limkokwing University managed the event’s financial matters, but what I got is that it can be improved to be able to rent more sport facilities outside the campus to expand the event and make it more comfortable for the students and organizers. This could happen by adding a small fee for all participants and all the people who want to attend the event and make it kind of a support matter. This could help renting more facilities and buy enough equipment’s to make the event better. Another way is the university could add a donation to the event. With that the event would be made bigger and better for the people attending and also the participants.

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