Federalism Cartoon
Students Name:Tutor’s Name:Federalism Date         The cartoon shows the power that is possessed by the federal government over the states. The first cartoon that is the big one is the federal government and the other that is looking up to is the State. The two type of the governance is unique, and they are certain things that must be passed by the central government. From the two the state government is big but cannot bypass the central one. Federalism is the relationship that exists between the state government and the control of the states. Both are a different type of governance and with a leader that has some powers over the control of what is happening. Looking at the cartoon that is on the right-hand side it is clear that state has rights that not even the central government can interfere. Therefore states have the power to pass own bills that are going to administer by a certain person.

The cartoon indicates as if they are two individuals who are in control of the same region and yet at the same time one has more power than the other one. Federalism in the United States is the manner in which the president who appears to be the big cartoon rules and yet the senator also has power (Young P. 1057). To effect a proper framework in which the two governance can rule the federal authority gives the same region senator some limits. The authority oversees the powers that the senator exercises in the process of the governance. In the little cartoon seems to accept the gift that is given by the other one. That is an indication that the senator is willing to work with the president and allow him or her to exercise his power.[pic 1]Works citedYoung, Ernest. “Federalism as a Constitutional Principle.” U. Cin. L. Rev. 83 (2014): 1057.

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