Gay Olympics
Essay title: Gay Olympics
I had always enjoyed the summer Olympics and the way the athletes strive to be their best, but after watching the winter Olympics I couldn’t help but ask, are these really sports. I have no doubt that the races are sport. There is a definite outcome and no dispute over who won. Then you have these other “sports” like figure skating and ice dancing. Somehow I cannot take any point of view that would support these two as sports. First you have figure skating that requires agility, endurance, stamina, and coordination yet the winner is purely based on the opinion of another. How is that a sport?

Then you have ice dancing… common ice dancing! Through all the rejects that couldn’t make the figure skating squad, lower expectations, and … you know what, just call them ice fairies. That is really what it is. They might as well play Fantasia over and over then judge how well the different animals attempt their aerials. After watching the Apolo Ohno get ripped off in the speed skating, I was treated to the wonderful world of tippy toeing on ice. What kind of transition was that?

Then you have curling, an event that could only have come from the British Isles home of haggis, minced meat pie, and other culinary delights. How does a sport like this even get started? Curling is a combination of shuffle board and sweeping. This is a new addition to the Olympics, one that could have been done without. Tug of War used to be on the program, why didn’t they keep that at least it has a definite outcome.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I have ended every paragraph with

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