Islam – a True Religion of Peace
-Islam, a true religion of peace, tranquility and intellect, which is under a severe misconception. Islam is a religion which prohibits violence and promotes peace and justice. Despite the reality, the religion of peace has been discriminated by so many people. Nowadays, people tend to believe and judge islam by muslims-by-name and by what media says, which does not represent islam whatsoever. Islam itself means peace and harmony, yet people have been brainwashed by media and judge muslims by a piece of scarf on their head and growing beard on their face. In todays world, if  Abdullah commits a crime, he is a terrorist, but if John commits the same crime, he has “mental” problems. For how long we Muslims have to tolerate this ? What is the difference between a Nun who covers herself from head to toe, to practice her faith and a Muslim women who is trying to do the same thing ? For how long our muslim women have to go out with a fear of being pulled and pushed beacuse of a piece of scarf on their head ? Stop for a mintue and think about this. Who started World one ? Not muslims. Who started world war 2 ? again not muslims. Who was responsible for thousands of deaths in Vietnam war ? No, not muslims. Then what make YOU think that Islam is a religion of terror ? Even our greeting ( Assalam o Alykum) says, “peace be upon you”, then how can islam be a religion of dread ? There are so many horrible and bloody crimes commited by non-muslims, yet Islam is the only religion which has been pointed.

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