Tribal Sovereignty
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Tribal Sovereignty
The United States of America and most of the tribes that are located here have a in a sort of way “legal” relationship with our government. In the past there has been many wars between the U.S and the Native Americans. The Native Americans have now found a way to keep the culture alive now but, they have fought for that right. We let them own their own land and have their own culture undisrupted by the “American” culture. We supply them with money and land for reserves. For example 326 Indian reservations in the United States are associated with a particular Nation. Not all of the countrys 567 recognized tribes have a reservation because some have more than one, some share, some just prefer not to and some have nothing.

Most tribes in South America like the Inca and the Amazon tribes have no tribal sovereignty. America is one of the only countries that have tribal sovereignty so tribes like Inca are now extinct because they did not have tribal sovereignty also because they were attacked many times by other tribes over land and other things. But they were mostly knocked out because of diseases that the spanish brought over. Just like the Amazon tribes in South America they also do not have tribal sovereignty. But because of no tribal sovereignty the Amazon tribes were turned into slaves by the portuguese. Still today they are being forced from their land and are dying before government hands.

More examples are from tribes in Africa the Beber tribe have lived in Northern Africa since the earliest recorded time. They are mostly migrant workers and work in Spain and or France. Considered low class workers, controlled socially and didn’t have great power or control like most tribes also like the Maasai. The Maasai tribe originated in northwestern Kenya in the lower Nile valley. They’re lands were cut down by 60% when the british evicted them to allow space for the settler ranches thus confining the Maasai people. Unlike most of the tribes the Maasai people stood firm against slavery and lived alongside most of the lands wild animals with an aversion to eating birds and game. Maasai land and or what is left of it now boasts as East Africas finest nature and wildlife areas.

One more example are the Australian Aborigine People Group. Now a days they live in towns and in horrible conditions or has land stolen from them and destroyed. Diseases killed thousands. The government removed children and put into mission schools. There is abuse and violence against Aboriginal communities. If there was tribal sovereignty in this area there would be less abuse and they wouldn’t have to fight for their land.

In conclusion, Tribal Sovereignty is a good and bad thing there are many positives and negatives to it. But, in the end my opinion is that I think tribal sovereignty helps tribes everywhere and I think that it should be something that is all around

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