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Made Up Folktale
Essay Preview: Made Up Folktale
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Once upon a time, a little child named Knil was walking through the forest looking for his sword. As he was searching, he said to himself, “I think I will retrace my steps to find my sword.” So Knil set off to his tree house in the Irikok Forest. Once he got there, he said, “Ok, now all I have to do is start from the beginning of the day.” Knil started off by getting up from his bed and going to his bathroom to where he washed up. No sword. Next, he went to his friend Airass house and asked her if she had seen his sword. Still no sword. Knil was starting to get fed up. Then he realized that he had gone to Eluryh to pick up some food earlier in the day. So he set out on the path to Eluryh, checking all the bushes to where his sword could have fallen. But no swords were to be found. Knil made it to Eluryh and asked all the townsfolk if they had seen his sword, but they did not. One man said, “Knil, I do remember you walking out of town with it.” Knil replied, “Thank you.” Knil realized he was getting closer to finding his sword. He walked down the path back to the Irikok Forest, checking again for his missing sword. When he got back, he searched far and wide for his beloved sword, but he still could not find it, so then Knil went to the Great Uked Tree and asked him, “Oh Uked Tree, can you tell me if you have seen my sword.” The Great Uked Tree replied, “Knil, sad to say I have not seen your sword anywhere. You should go home, it is getting late.” Sadly, Knil went back to his tree house and got ready to go to bed. He got his pajamas from under his bed. When he pulled them out and, to his amazement, his sword was clinging to it. Knil felt very stupid, he had spent the entire day searching for something that was right under his nose. The moral of the story is that you should keep track of your belongings.

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