Watership Down
Watership Down
Leadership Uncovered
Richard Adams’ story “Watership Down” tells a tale of the strain of a small warren of rabbits and the transformation of the main character Hazel. Hazel undergoes many changes throughout this story, some good and some bad. He became the leader of the rabbits once they left their original warren. Hazel was a very smart and cunning rabbit who won the respect and trust of the other rabbits by his courage and many great deeds. He always handled problems calmly so others would also remained calm. Whenever a plan was needed, Hazel would always come up with one.

In the beginning of Watership Down, Hazel is only a common rabbit in the warren, which has a brother fearing of something terrible about to happen. When he suggests that the rabbits leave at once, the Chief Rabbit pays him no mind. So when he

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