Cause of Car Accidents
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Car accidents have been increasing for the past 10 years. This is the most
serious and dangerous problem that we have to face because each day there
must be a car accident. The number of deaths is growing, and people are
suffering from the lost of their relatives, families, and friends because of these
accidents. It can happen anytime and anywhere. There are many causes that
leads to the car accidents on the road such as driving under the influence of
alcohol, using the cell phones while driving and speeding. However, the
society is taking a place in controlling the tragedy of these crises.
People who drink and still need to drive, put all the other drivers or
passengers under the risk, they are just not aware of the consequences that
might occur as a result of drinking alcohol and driving after. Alcohol leads you
to drowsiness, loss of focus and inability to judge distances. Police men are
taking a serious progress to prevent driving while people under the influence
of alcohol by giving heavy fines and taking their cars away.
Another important reason of car accidents is the driver distractions during
driving because of the use of cell-phones when driving or texting. This lead to
distract the driver attention from the road, and many people tend to miss the
traffic lights which result in accidents. Media such as televisions and
newspapers is taking a big role of informing and teaching people about the
penalty of using cell-phones or texting while driving.
Other reason that leads to the cause of car accidents is the speed. Driving
faster or slower than the required speed limit on the road has strongly been
verified to increase the possibility of crashes. Teenage drivers is the only
group whos number is increasing because of the speeding accidents. The
governments have taken a huge role in the track of speed limits laws, also by
placing speed cameras on the roads that can help in attracting the speeders.
In every minute car accidents

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