Samsung Vs. Apple
Samsung Vs Apple
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In 1938 Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-chull as a trading company, but over the next 3 decades the company diversified itself into areas like food processing, insurance, textile, retail and securities. It was in the 1960’s the company ventured into the electronics market and in 1969 Samsung electronics was formed. (Samsung, 2013)

Samsung Electronics is a South Korean based multinational conglomerate organization, headquartered in Suwon. The company is public. Samsung electronics is one of the largest information technology companies on the planet along with it being the largest manufacturer of mobile phones. Since 2006 the company is also the world’s largest manufacturer in televisions and has the biggest market share in memory chips as well. Samsung is also the second largest Smartphone vendor. Samsung Electronics operates under 4 industries consumer electronics, telecoms equipment, semiconductors and home appliances. The company employs somewhere around 221,000 people all over the world and has sales networks and assembly plants in 61 countries. One of the famous products of the company is Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

The revenue of the company in 2012 is ₩ 201.103 trillion. The market share of the company as of 2012 is 20.8 percent, where the company sold 250.0 million units (Campbell, 2013). The major customers of the company are Sony, Dell, Apple Inc, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications.

Management Style
Samsung Electronics is a company which enjoys good performance and it is considered as a world leader in its chosen industry. Therefore it is known that the company a wide variety of people. Excellence, creativity and collaboration are considered to be the hallmarks of leadership within Samsung. Therefore Samsung is known for synthesizing management styles, i.e. it uses a numbers of management styles which are based on European and Korean approaches. For example, in South Korea teamwork is essential and it is given the top priority, whereas in Germany, the emphasis is based on individual workers. If we look closely at the structure of the company, we shall see that it differs from the management style. For example, in South Korea the structure of the company is bureaucratic, where as in Europe it is a flat structure. The management styles that are more prominent within Samsung Electronics are collaborative and open style.

Open style management uses a number of best practices so that improvement and innovation can take place. In open style management the company does not keep track of its employee’s

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