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Unforgettable Day
Essay Preview: Unforgettable Day
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Unforgettable Day
I had the most unforgettable experience in my life when I was a little child. It is an experience that had happened when we were at Austria and I was lost there.

I still remember that day vividly. That night we had gone to the Praters Funfair; it was around 7 oclock. While I was walking with my family, I saw a toys store and I went there alone without telling my family, they did not feel that I wasnt there with them and they continued walking and having fun at the funfair. As I was looking at the toys in toys store, suddenly I saw a huge man in front of me. I ran away and I was very scared from that man, I felt as if Im going to cry. At that time I realized that I was lost, I tried to find my family but I couldnt find them. Then I started to cry, and while I was crying I saw a smiling women coming next to me and she was having a candy in her hands. She said to me:” hey little cute girl what happened to you, why youre crying?” I answered her: “I lost my family” and I continued crying. Then she said: ” dont cry sweaty Ill search for your family come with me”. I went out with her to look for my family; she bought me an ice cream and cotton candy. And while we were walking in the funfair I heard a little boy crying then I realized that this voice was my little brothers voice, so i held the womens hand and I pulled her with me going to the side of the coming voice. After that I saw my family, I was really happy that Ive found them, and I was right that voice was my brothers voice.

All in all, that day was a horrible day and I still cant forget it!

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