Coke Zero
Coke Zero
I. Introduction
Nowadays a trend of shape concerned is very popular globally. Consumer tends to prefer and buying more of healthy product and also low/non calories products. Lifestyle of people changing from eating junk foods to low/non calories products even become a vegetarian. Not only shape concerned but some of a dangerous disease also cause from consuming sweet and high fat foods. Therefore marketers see this opportunity in the market and try to invent any goods that can fulfill the demand of consumers in the market.

Carbonated drink is also one of a product that is really popular not only among teenagers but for everyone who would like to have a refreshment and enjoy a taste of sparkling soda. But some people try not to consume it as they are afraid of a quantity of sugar contained in a carbonated drink. Moreover total sales of cola flavor carbonated drink seem to be decreased due to the popularity of health concerned trend so most of consumers switch to consume green tea and fruit juice instead of cola carbonated drink. Therefore Carbonated drink manufacturers aware of this matter so they introduced some of the new product line which is 0% calories carbonated drink to the market in order to fulfill the needs of consumers.

Coca Cola Company
Coca Cola Company has been established since 1886 in USA. The company is one of the world biggest nonalcoholic sparkling beverage manufacturers. They own 4 of the world’s top5 nonalcoholic sparkling beverage. Over 12 decades, Coca Cola has expanded their company worldwide until nowadays the company reaches the total no. of 71,000 associations in 200 countries with more than 2,600 products on their portfolio.

In Thailand, Coca Cola has started their corporation with the name of Thai Namthip Co.,Ltd. and become one of the two major nonalcoholic sparkling beverage manufacturer. With the continuously increasing in their sales and market share, the company has been striking to own more than 50% of the total market share of carbonated drink in Thailand. From the year 1991, Thai Namthip has launched a new low calories cola flavor which is called Diet Coke but unfortunately at that time Thai consumers were not ready and a health conscious trend was not popular therefore Diet coke was not success at that time.

Year 2002, Thai Namthip re-launched its diet coke again in the market but has changed the name to be “Coke Light” as the company faced a problem from some of male teenager consumers would like to try this Diet coke but they refused to do so as they were afraid of the word “diet” as there perception for the word “diet” is only for women. But Coke light was not so successful as its taste is lighter than coke classic therefore it can’t satisfy consumers who would like to drink low calories cola flavor but the similar taste to coke classic therefore coke light has a market share only with a consumer who prefer a lighter taste than a classic coke with 0% calories .

Meanwhile Pepsi (Serm Suk Public Co.,Ltd.) are another major players in Thailand’s nonalcoholic sparkling beverage manufacturer. The company launched Pepsi max which is a 0% calories cola flavor carbonated drink into the market. Pepsi max had succeed in low/non calories drink and gain more than 50% of a low/non calories cola flavor carbonated drink.

Therefore Thai Namthip was thinking that they should really do something with this market and seeing the opportunity in this 0% calorie cola flavor carbonated drink market therefore the company introduced the new “COKE ZERO”

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