Harrah’s Case
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Develop marketing-driven company
Focus on target customers
Increase brand loyalty
Total Gold Program 1997
– Change organizational structure
a. Lines of communication between execs shortened
b. Increased brand cohesion among all Harrah’s properties
– Build Harrah’s brand
a. Connect Harrah’s with feelings of anticipation and exuberance
b. $15-20 million spent on advertising focused on good feelings associated with gambling at Harrah’s
– Extraordinary service
a. Service process design, reward and recognition, measurement of executives
b. Voted “best service” three years in a row
– Relationship marketing
A. Database Marketing
b. Customer Relationship Marketing
Sophia Pappis
1. Customer Relationship Management
Database Marketing
Proactive Marketing
Opportunity-based customer segmentation
Total Gold Cards : Develop customer profile
– Tracks play preferences
– Where players eat in casino
– Where players stay
– How often they visit
– How much/long they play
ii. Target Customers
– Players who spend $2000 annually provide 82% revenue
2. Customized Marketing
a. Compared observed value to predicted behavior to id opportunity segments
i. Drive incremental frequency
ii. Drive

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