The Holocaust
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The Holocaust refers to the period from January 30th,1933, when Adolf Hitler became chancellor of the Germany. It was a period of killing and torture of the Jews. There were events of persecution,” Final Solution”, concentration camps and extermination camps which all result in death. During the Holocaust, six million Jews were killed by the brutal Nazis; every Jewish citizen feared for their own life and had no clue for what they were about to confront, living in such ruthless conditions.

It was in the late 1939 when Germans began the segregation. Families were separated and people were forced to leave their home. Everyone was frightened and surprised by the sudden order, not knowing what would happen next, and how they were going to be treated. People used every ways to survive out on the ghetto streets. As mentioned in the book describing about Nazi’s plan, “Jews were forced to leave their homes, taking along only as much as they could carry, and move into ghettos, walled-in sections of the cities.” (Adler 56). The Germans intended to place all the Jews in a small and crowded place where they are limited by the guards in the ghetto area, which was known as their home.

As Jewish lived along the life of being afflicted by the Germans they never had a peaceful or normal life. The only thing they gained was suffering. Jews were living in terrible condition, having no shelter. Germans let them survive on their own without providing anything. In this kind of environment they had lack of food, water, space and sanitary facilities. But they couldn’t do anything, they couldn’t protest, so the only way was to live on with their life. A survivor of the holocaust Esther Klein has statement, “… The Nazis didn’t give us anything to eat then. No water. No food. Nothing. We just walked around. No one cared who lived or who died.” (Adler 78).

A lot of Jews couldn’t bear this kind of treatment, so they died on the streets while other people tried to save their own life.
Germans had a lot of manners to maltreat the Jews and destruct their race. Victims were killed in every ways; they all died in terrible death. Shooting, starvation, disease, over working and poison gas. At first came the “final solution” when Jews had to dig their own whole, and later on Nazis would raise their machine gun and fire towards every single one of them. Later they used concentration camps and extermination camps. At that time, German’s war effort needed great deals of manpower. So Jews that were healthy and young wouldn’t be killed

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