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October 8, 2006
Adv. Comp.
2nd Period
The Ultimate BLT
Are you tired of eating monotonous sandwiches every day for lunch and ready to learn quick easy steps to make lunch the best part of your day? Well, the ultimate BLT- bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich-can be prepared within fifteen minutes and provides that lunch time variety we all crave. To accomplish this task you will need a Oven pan, a cutting board, a knife, a sheet of wax paper, a couple of napkins, two sliced of bread, four strips of bacon, lettuce, a tomato, and mayo. When you have all of the materials needed you are ready to get started. During this process you first prepare the bacon, the heart of the BLT, then you wash and prepare the tomato and lettuce, and finally to put the last touches on the sandwich you will need to prepare the hardy bread, a significant part of the BLT.

First you want to begin by washing your hands just like you should for every time you cook or handle food. After, preheat the oven to a scorching three hundred seventy-five degrees- try not to burn yourself. Then lay the sheet of wax paper on a clean, flat surface like the kitchen counter or a table. After about eight minutes the oven should be ready to use, put the four strips of raw bacon into the pan about one inch apart, then place the pan in the oven. Be sure you to check the bacon every few minutes because its the worst sandwich in the world you when have a burnt BLT.

Subsequent to placing the bacon in the oven you cut and wash the tomato and lettuce. Wash them correctly because you never know where they might of came from and sometimes they may contain smidges of dirt. Rinse the medium sized, shiny ripe tomato and the light green, leafy lettuce for about a minute. Dry them, then separate and place them on the cutting board. Slice the tomato with the sharp knife, as thick or thin as you desire them, but be careful because you dont want to cut your hand and end up in the emergency room for five hours with stitches. After you have two or three juicy red tomato slices begin to gently rip a couple leafs of green lettuce off the head of lettuce. Following, place the unused lettuce and tomato back

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