Safeway Security, Inc
Essay title: Safeway Security, Inc
In a corprate enviroment, achieving a 20 percent annual growth is not easy. Tom Hastings of Safeway Security, Inc had set an unrealitic dream of having a 20 percent annual growth in profits. According to Tom, he can achieve this goal though the growth in Safeway Securitys guard business alone as his company have not entered in to equipment or center station arena of business, which is an up-coming treat to the industry and the competators are raging towards the new innovation in the business to achieve the competors edge. Tom believes that security industry heavily depends on firewatch and new innovation can not replace the guard in this function. In order to achieve the desired goal, Tom and his managers have to react to the market in order to maintain a sustainable position.

The real treat to the Safeway Security is more internal than external. Although the company has to react to overcome its long-term technology treat, which does exist but SSIs managers believes that they have time to tackle this treat. The goverment have applied more restictive legislature, like mandatory trainning

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