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After defeated the combined forces of Antony and Cleopatra at the battle of Actium in 31 B.C.E, Octovian took supreme control and assumed the title Augustus. At this time, Augustus establishing a new political orders and effectively maintain all the power in his hand and the hand of the imperial’s staffs. Augustus and his bureaucracy controlled virtually all decisions, even though the emperor had claimed that he replaced the State in the hand of the Senate and Roman people.

Augustus also reforms his army, developing civil services, and created many career paths for the Roman. During Augustan reign, many finest achievements were produced. Especially, in art and literature, its represent the highest point of the Roman cultural achievement. Augustus also played an active part in supporting, encouraging the writers and artists in composition of an epic poem intended to honor Romes and its heroes. Most artists and writers works reflect the chief themes of Augustan politics, the return of peace, the importance of the land and agriculture, and all the belief in Rome’s destiny as world ruler. Among other poets, Vigil, the greatest of all Roman’s poets, also commissioned by Augustus to write the Roman national epics. As the result, the Aeneid was introduced. Augustus was portrayed in numerous poems, statues, and portraits. However, most of the arts was sometimes said to be propaganda, organized by emperor to present the most favorable picture possible of his reign.

Thus, many centuries passed, but the use of visual arts as instrument of propaganda never faded. In recent times, the arts used for political purposes still exist. For almost every political campaign, propaganda is used to either to send a direct messages or influencing the people opinions. With today advance technologies, propaganda can be transmitted virtually through internet, television, newspaper, and posters. Collages or arts that used on the poster for political campaign can be very beneficial to any political candidates. In case newspaper or other news media giving an inaccurate background or analysis of the candidate, photographic arts are commonly present by the candidate or an individual to persuade and change the public’s opinion.

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