Restaurant Business PlanEssay Preview: Restaurant Business PlanReport this essayDecember 4, 2015BusinessProf. McNallyMission Statement:My aim is to sell delicious food that would bring back customers asking for more, to make the environment a clean and happy one for my customers and staff. To make my customers have a one of a kind experience in my restaurant.

Goals:My goal is to cater those people that want a meal that would make them feel at home. I want my customers to be satisfied with the service and the food in the restaurant. I want my customers to spread the word that there’s a brand new restaurant with delicious food and good services. My restaurant will also have a form of entertainment, this service will help those parents that can’t keep their children still until the food gets to the table. Also so the little ones won’t be bored while waiting for their meals. I will also have a small space for a bar, for those that just want to have a drink and have a nice and peaceful conversation with a friend, or work related. This kind of service will make the customers satisfied and happy that they chose my restaurant. Another goal that is important for my business, is for it to become well known and raise revenue. I would like, within a year, to be able to cook food for those people that call and make orders for parties or other special occasions.

The Menu:

The following menu is for a typical family and we will share it here in advance. If you are looking for some of the same menu items that you see with the menu above but you are curious to learn more, there are many different menu items.


Our food is inspired by the rich ingredients of the local food court. These ingredients can also be found within different locations on our menu, but we’ll only share what we have in store for those of us who have access to them. The ingredients list is quite diverse with many delicious, flavorful, unique ingredients found within.

Tropical Vegetables

This recipe is inspired by the popular winter squash variety. We do everything from baking the whole thing in a baking press to adding fresh or cooked seeds to the recipe. Each of these vegetables is unique to their part of the family which will have me liking it the most.

Cured Vegetables

Our other ingredient is called ‘Cured Herb’.

Nectarine Nectarine Nectarine. Nectarine is a unique ingredient found within the natural foods department of the grocery store. We have a very narrow selection of ‘Nectarine’ within our grocery store and it is not available commercially yet. The ingredient list is quite different here, so stay tuned as we will continue to post more information throughout the year.

Cucumber Nut Nectarine

The original ingredient of many salads is the cucumbers. Most of the time these vegetables are made in traditional recipes and our menu is a little different.

Balsamic Peanut Butter & Nectarine

This is usually more like baking cookies or pecans but we make it all ourselves from scratch. We make it from different fruits and vegetables such as apples, figs, apples, tomatoes, peanuts and seeds with our favorite filling which is almond milk.

Fresh Pineapple

Pines are also in our menu. Fresh pine fruit also can be a common ingredient in desserts. We make the pineapple from scratch and have added a variety of different herbs that come together in special sauces.

Mead (The White Wood)

This is a very common ingredient in many other desserts to have such as chocolate or other candy which is also a popular ingredient in desserts. We make it from traditional ingredients such as sugar, cinnamon and chocolate.

Vegetable Stitch

It can also be made in all the foods listed here, such as rice or even beef, since our kitchen can be packed with more ingredients. We also use vegetablestitch which is found in vegetables as well as most soups and popsicles.

Strawberry Pineapple

Another great ingredient found in our recipe may be the sugar cane we make. Strawberry Pineapple also comes from the wood of the tree and usually does not come in our supermarket but as soon as we find it around the corner it can be a popular ingredient in our recipes.


Another delicious ingredient found within our menu, this is often found at local apple and some of our favorites include a combination of cauliflower, ginger, thyme, and rosemary.

Cucumber Sticks This is all well and good but what we are working on will be very different within our kitchen.

Mashed Potatoes

We serve a lot of mashed potatoes and many of the ingredients come from our store as well. We have some of our favorite places, such as this place near Loomis and in the corner of the grocery store.

Peppermint Jelly

This also comes from our store but is also available in salads including spinach jalapeño, and other flavors that may vary wildly from one restaurant to another.

Creamy Pumpkin Pie

As you can probably tell we are really obsessed with pumpkin for

Initial Objectives:The name of my restaurant will be Wasi Peruana, this would mean peruvian house. I decided to name it like that because “wasi” means house in Quechua which is one of Peru’s cultural languages, and it would make people more interested in it. Also it would be more meaningful for peruvian people that decide to go in my restaurant. My initial objectives entail advertising my restaurant for the cleanliness, good prices, entertainment, and taste of food. To sell breakfast to those people that don’t want to wait in line to make an order in the coffee shops thats full because of the morning rush. I would like to sell my food for a good price that won’t be too cheap and not too expensive, a price that would help me make profit and would make the customers happy because they did not waste too much money. I would start off my business with the help of family members instead of hiring staff the first three months without knowing if my business will be a successful one and spend much more money with their salaries.

After my restaurant becomes popular and my profit starts to increase, this might take like six or seven months, I will start hiring staff. This staff will include the kitchen helper, waitress, and staff that would take care of the kids in the entertainment section. I wouldn’t want to get sued if a kid gets hurt. I will also start off my business as a sole proprietorship, when my business starts to increase I will turn it into partnership. This way it’ll be easier for me when i decide to open a second restaurant. But this will only happen if my business becomes successful and I earn a good profit. If this goes well I’ll open the second restaurant within a year or two.

The type of food I would be selling would be Peruvian food, I did some research and I read in that the Peruvian community in the United Sates have doubled between the year 2000 and 2012. Theres a higher command of Peruvian food. Also me as a Peruvian know that there’s not enough Peruvian restaurants in New York City. If a Peruvian wants to go out to a Peruvian restaurant they would need to go to New Jersey or go to Queens. Which makes it difficult for those that dont have a mode of transportation.

My business will be located in 243 W 38th New York, Ny 10018. I decided to open her because its close to 34th street and Times Square, both of this places are crowded with people shopping and tourists. It’s also an easy place for the people in the city to get to. In order for people to know about my restaurant I will advertise it in the radio and hire people to advertise it with flyers in 34th street and Times Square. They will be payed $50 for an hour. I would also put a sign outside my restaurant advertising special offers and the menu of the day.

The size of my restaurant is 1,3000 square feet, and with this much space i have more than enough for the things I will have in my restaurant. I decided to make the kitchen 400 square feet. The kitchen will be 400 square feet because the restaurant is not going to be the big and based on what I read in its that “a 40-seat restaurant, for example, calls for a 200-square foot kitchen.” Therefore thats the space for my kitchen. I decided to make the eating area 300 square feet. This space would be able to sit about 50 people. For the bathroom I decided that it should be 100 square feet, meaning that it would be half for women and the other half fro men. I also decided to make a reception and waiting area in case my restaurant does get full or for those people that order to go. There would also be a locker room for the staff, this would be 100 square feet. A bathroom will also be included here , it would be unisex. I dont wan’t my staff to be using the same bathroom as my costumers, it would be unprofessional. Since I said there would also be an entertainment are i decided to make that 150 square feet, and the bar would be 100 square feet. The bar will also have the cash register and the order will be made from there. All this adds up to 1,260 square feet, with the 40 square feet left I decided to use that space for karaoke. It would be an event that happens every weekend and it would also bring more customers. Since Peruvians like soccer when its soccer season I’ll be showing the game for my customers and have deals that would make them come to my restaurant.

With all this space I’ll be paying $12,800 a month. I believe that that’s a good price for where I’m putting my restaurant. It’s in a place that people will see it and it gives me more than enough space for the ideas I have for my restaurant.

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