Essay title: Religion
RESPONSIBILITY: By completing the reading assignments in a timely manner, you can have comments and questions ready for class in order to receive credit for class participation and to review for exams. Come to class prepared to make at least one comment. If occasionally you find the materials hard to understand or slow to read, let me know at the beginning of class so that we can discuss the style and the structure of the works for a clearer grasp of the writers’ ideas. Have questions ready to ask on those days so that we do not become frustrated by my trying to generate discussion about materials

that have left you puzzled for whatever reason. All that I require proves a genuine attempt on your part to complete each assignment; such preparation will prevent the course from becoming a total lecture class.

An excellent strategy to assist you in class participation and in studying for exams involves your making margin notes in your texts and on the study guides. Mark favorite or important passages; keep a summary of the plot and the characters at the top of each page. Jot down your questions and/or mark puzzling

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