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Comcast is one of the largest cable television operators in the nation. Comcast and Time Warner no longer have a relationship; Comcast broke ties with the company this quarter. In relation to the dissolved partnership Comcast profits has risen by 80 percent this quarter. Comcast contributes some of the profit to the discounted bundles of services that they are offering to their residential customers. Comcast hopes to offer discounted bundled packages to their business customers in the future. Comcast this quarter has a net income of 837 million as compared to 466 million last year during the same period. When Time Warner and Comcast parted ways Comcast gained Houston as a customer and Time Warner got Kansas City and Southern Texas. Comcast acquired 75,000 new customers of basic cable and 563,000 new high-speed internet customers. Comcast revenue was up by 32% slightly higher than the forecasted number by financial analyst which was in relation to the newly acquired customers in cable and internet. Comcast foresee in about 10 years that they will be more

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