Seminar Thesis
1) Which books are considered the “former prophets”? Joshua – 2Kings2) The sense in which these books are prophetic.a. The focus on forth telling3) What is the relationship between the former prophets and Deuteronomy (i.e. why we refer to the Dueteronomistic history)?Deuteronomy is about the blessings / curses of unfaithfulness and the covenant. The prophets preached about remembering those teachings and being faithful so that Israel would not receive the curses.4) How biblical history differs from the modern academic discipline of historya. Method- both modern and ancient has primary and secondary sources but ancient history doesn’t cite things. Not concerned with credit.b. Goals- modern is mainly concerned with culture, economics, social things and ancient was mainly concerned with moral mattersc. Perspective- in modern the author doesn’t interject opinion, only facts; ancient is not afraid to show their opinion (NOTE: difference between prejudice opinion which is bad and biased which is good)5) How was Israel governed during the time of Joshua and the Judges?a. Joshua 1-12: there was a time of one central judgment (Joshua)b. Joshua 13-24: allocation of the land to the 12 tribes with tribe leadersc. After the separation of the tribes each tribe governed themselves individually and did not have central leadership to connect them. The Judges came to tribes as needed when called by God.6) Who are the “sea people” and why do they have an advantage over the Israelites?a. The sea people are the philistines who came over the Mediterranean Seab. They had an advantage because they could work Iron to make greater weapons and

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