Time Management
Are you satisfied with the way you use your time?
Time management is very important to me now since I am college student. I have to make sure
that I am successful in achieving my goal. There are several things that I am most satisfied with
in the way that I use my time. One of them is that I have set certain times on certain days that
have allowed me to get my work and studies done. I have a daily schedule that I use for planning
out my time in order to manage it according to what works best for me.
What changes can you employ to use your time more effectively?
There is much that I have learn about using my time more effectively. I live in a house with my
nieces and nephew and they are use to me playing with them and taking them for long walks to
the park. Now, I have started school and the things that I use to do with them, I cannot do as I
use to do. So, I feel the changes that I can employ to use my time more effectively with them and
my school work would be when I have time that is available for me that is not concerning school,
I would try to make sure that I do not waste the extra time that I have with them.
If you want to change the way you use your time, how will you do so? What tools will you use to make these changes?
I would begin by making a schedule that best fix the time that I need for studying. Most likely

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