Ups as a Competetive Global Player
Essay Preview: Ups as a Competetive Global Player
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Each day, it delivered 3.6 billion packages (2005) involving 8 million customers and 10 million daily online tracking requests.
The core business processes defined by UPS management are package delivery, product development, CRM, and customer information management and it has taken some of the following steps to achieve them.

UPS has constantly upgraded its Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular networks, GPS satellite location systems and RFID smart tagging capabilities. It is spending about $120m over three to five years on wireless, out of a budget of about $1bn a year.

As mentioned earlier in the thread UPS expects deployment of DIAD (Delivery Information Acquisition Device) IV that transmits the data directly to UPS using a cellular connection by 2007.It is also deploying Bluetooth in its new handhelds to enable applications such as processing customer credit cards within buildings where GPRS cellular signals may be blocked and time card reporting within UPS facilities as well.

UPS is also studying the capability of Bluetooth to facilitate time and motion studies, such as monitoring the number of times a driver opens a door or exits and enters the vehicle.

UPS Plans to implement GPS tracking systems in its DIAD IV, so couriers can provide better customer service (for instance, if there is a change of address, the driver can find the best route using GPS).

UPS has put lot of time and effort in supply chains management and operates in about 120 countries worldwide. All these tools offer clarity, organization and accountability and provide real time ability to see the movement of goods.

Applications include-
UPS Quantum View visibility suite (for small package customers)-Provides customers supply chain visibility of air, ocean, ground and rail transportation, purchase order, customs and inventory management data via the web.

(Quantum View Notify(TM) – allows shippers to set up automatic delivery status alerts to their customers, will be accessible directly from the new tracking page at

Quantum View Manage(TM) – Recently expanded from 22 to 31 countries and provides shippers more options to receive proactive alerts based on the level of service or exception, such as a shipment that needs additional information to clear customs)

UPS Campus Ship(TM) – Enables employees in different locations to process and prepare shipping labels from their own computers while company decision makers keep tabs on the entire process with centralized control and visibility.

UPS Returns on the Web- It is a service that allows businesses to manage the returns process and analyze returns data for customer behavior and logistics trends.

UPS Product Provider Program-More than 80 software developers have embedded UPS shipping tools in their products, from ERP to accounting, customer relationship management, shopping cart and ecommerce systems.

UPS Roadnet suite – This supports route optimization, territory planning, mobile delivery execution, real-time wireless dispatch, and GPS tracking.
Flex Global View® software (2)-A freight side supply chain management tool that allows users to send proactive delivery and exception notifications for freight shipments as well as get visibility into the customs clearance process.

UPS Billing Analysis Tool (3)-Provides customers the ability to analyze detailed financial information

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