A Story About Seeing Nofx
Essay Preview: A Story About Seeing Nofx
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On November 26th I went to the Stone Pony in New York to see another of my favorite bands, NOFX. NOFX is a punk-ska band. Punk meaning fast paced drumbeats and quick singing and ska meaning a song played with trumpets. The band members are Fat Mike (vocals, bass), El Hefe (guitar, trumpet, vocals), Eric Melvin (guitar, vocals), and Erik Sandin (drums). The one thing I found out there was that El Hefe sings a lot. I thought he only sings in a few songs but when I heard them play, I noticed that he sang about half of the songs.

NOFX music has considerable groove for a punk band and is sparked by the two lead guitarists, Eric Melvin and El Hefe. Tight play between the bands four members, and short, fast, punchy songs, with a laid back approach would even have non-punk fans entertained.

Their songs talk about racism, politics, social problems, sex, drugs, lesbians, bums, alcohol, animal freedom and many other strange subjects. In their music you will find punk, of course, but also rock, hardcore, ska, even reggae and jazz. If you ask me they are a just a punk-ska band. Their songs are interesting and different from one another. Each song has its own characteristics. The lyrics are very interesting, sometimes strange, and sometimes incomprehensible. You basically just have to understand them in your own way.

The club was packed, or more accurately, stuffed. After much anticipation the punk gods, NOFX hit the stage and the crowd surged with excitement even before they opened the set with one of my favorite songs, “Reagan Sucks.” The next song they played was “Bob”. They played songs from the album “Flossing a Dead Horse” – which is one massive trumpet solo presented by El Hefe. The next song they played was “Eat the Meek” with trumpet and lead vocals by El Hefe. The mosh pit was monstrous and seemed to gain in size as it rotated in circles and swallowed innocent bystanders into the craziness. People were being knocked over everywhere and smashed by the surging waves of dancers. People were body surfing and there seemed to be chaos going on everywhere.

After that, the seventh song they played was “Hobophobic” (Scared of bums not just because they stink bad. Not just because theyre crackers. From drinking too much lysol. Let them be.) Then they played “Six Pack Girls”. They played three songs in three minutes as Fat Mike said. After that they played “Linoleum” (Metal meter in my hand, sporting a pocket full of change, thats me on the street, with a violin under my chin, playing with a grin, singing gibberish, thats me on the back of the bus, thats me in the cell, thats me inside your head.) “Release the Hostages” (So I drink cause it makes me Happier than being alone. My good friend

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