The Blinding Blue and Red Lights of the City Filtered in Through Cinderellas Dim Room.
Essay Preview: The Blinding Blue and Red Lights of the City Filtered in Through Cinderellas Dim Room.
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The blinding blue and red lights of the city filtered in through Cinderellas dim room. The colors swam around in the air to blend with the soft moonlight glow, blanketing the room in low colorful light. The simple and distinct words of Cinderellas stepmother replayed in her mind like a broken record as she stared down at her coal black ring. Only about an hour ago Cindy had overheard her stepsisters, Andromeda and Alexandrea, chattering on about a letter from they received from the Emperors High Court. They had read the contents of the letter, squealing and giggling between sentences. She heard only a few quick phrases like The Emperors Son, Searching for a bride, Grand Gala, and Tonight. That was all she needed to hear, that was enough to strike a match within her, thoughts of freedom from her miscreant stepmother, of a way out of the city slums, of places far from here. To Cinderella marriage to royalty was her one-way ticket out. She hastened up to her stepmothers study and had mentioned the Gala to her. As soon as she let the proposal slip past her lips her stepmothers toxic green eyes flashed a poisonous and radiant neon lime. Hate is what they burned into Ella. She stood up from the tall, velvet reading chair where she was sitting. Her razor words dripped from her painted lips like thick blood.

“A tin-can like you will never, hear me say it, NEVER, even catch the glance of a prince,” she declared “enough with you and your foolish fantasies, go up to your quarters.”

Cinderella left quietly and quickly, letting the ringing of her mothers words fill the silent air. She walked along the creaking wooden halls to her room fidgeting with the smooth black ring she always wore. Colorful city lights flooded through slits in the blinds, the crooked mirror hanging next to Cindys window presented her reflection that stared back at Cinderella. Her straight chestnut hair dipped down past her ears and blanketed her left eye, the bionic one, the iris was all black except for a blue ring that shone brightly. I really am some tin-can, arent I? A Frankensteins monster? she thought to herself, Just look at me, a metal arm, a silicone hand, why cant I just be like them?

Cinderella laid there for a long time, tears gently rolled down her cheeks, time around her felt like a thick jelly. She heard her sisters and mother leave for the Gala, taunting her with the idea of getting as far away as possible from them. All at once the left side of her head throbbed with a pounding headache, the pain came in waves like the tide crashing down on a sandy shore. Cinderellas bionic eye started beeping and crying as a siren does, all while the harrowing pain continued. A flash of blue light came from her left eye like the beam from a projector, pale blue lights weaved together, and the pain seized. The silhouette of a woman appeared through the glimmering light, her face slowly became more lucid and clear through the blinding light. The woman was absolutely beautiful, she was old, yet time had not worn down her beauty in the slightest. She had cream-colored hair that fell down to her waist in big, bouncy curls and Egyptian blue eyes. Her face was time-chiseled with laugh lines and creases in the corners of her eyes.

“Why are you crying, Sweetheart?” The woman said, her voice was like silk, soft and elegant.
“W-who are you? Why are you here?” Cindy queried
“I am Generation 24 Ocular aiDe Magnanimous autO Tech Humanitarian Engineered andRoid or G.O.D.M.O.T.H.E.R, I am a program made for your bionic eye. I sensed the host was upset so I wanted to help,” G.O.D.M.O.T.H.E.R explained

“Well, I want to go to the Grand Gala the emperor is hosting for his son, but my mother forbids me to go. I dont even have anything to wear,” Cinderella replied, sniffling a bit from her previous crying

“I think I can help with that,” The beautiful woman said through a smirk. Godmother snapped her fingers and the wail of a siren started up again from

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