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Thomas Kinkade, one of my favorite painters, was born in Sacramento, California, on January 19, 1958. He is an American painter widely know for painting a lot of paintings. Kinkade has a nickname called, the painter of the light. His paintings to me are so life like its unbelievable. Kinkade had been criticized for the extent to which people actually think his paintings are without substance or basically not good enough for all the publicity he gets.

In Kinkades earlier years in life was like an average American life. He grew up in the small town of Placerville, California, and graduated from high school in 1976. Thomas went to college at the University of California at Berkley and at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. After all the college life meeting other girls, he still married his child hood girl friend. Kinkade actually dropped out of college after two years.

Thomass prints and paintings are distinguished by their glowing highlights and vibrant colors. He has a lot of paintings with gardens, streams, and stone cabins, in which most of us has one or seen one. He also so depicted various Christian themes including the Christian cross and churches. All of Kinkades work makes the viewer actually believe they are there at the stone cabin, and around the stream.

Kinkade made all of his success in the 1990s, when he started his group called the Media Arts Group. He also made a lot of money when he premiered on the QVC channel. After his appearance he sold over two million dollars worth of merchandise in just one full hour. He has stores all over the U.S. and one of our local kinkade stores is in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. He also has some of his perfectly painted pictures one some calendars, and if you are a calendar person, these are some very crafty calendars, and also he has some of the best greeting cards, which are very popular in the United States today. Not only greeting cards and calendars, but he

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