Declaration of Independence
A. Plan of Investigation:
Two documents called The Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson and Common Sense by Thomas Paine, both had an immense impact on revolutionary America.

This investigation will portray the main aspects and characteristics and characteristics of both documents. Via that information, it will measure the impact both documents had upon its people and establish the reason why both documents were so revolutionary. It will compare and contrast Thomas Jeffersons Declaration of Independence with Thomas Paines pamphlet Common Sense, answering: which had the greater effect on revolutionary America, gauging by the inspiration and motivation they formed and their impact on American and global society.

The majority of sources used will be secondary, but two primary sources will be used, including Thomas Jeffersons Declaration of Independence and Thomas Paines Common Sense. They will be considered for their origin, purpose, values and limitations.

Since these documents were written towards the end of the Revolution in 1776, the scope will be the final stages of the American Revolution and the birth of America.

Word Count: 169
B. Summary of Evidence
The Declaration of Independence had a large significance on the birth of America. For the new nation, the Declaration of Independence established a regular legal system. It argued that if a government or ruler goes against the wishes of the people, the people could revolt and set up a new government. Jefferson outlines all the poor factors of King George III/British government and what they did wrong against the colonies. Therefore, he says the colonies had the natural right to change the existing government and proclaimed them as an independent nation. It also states that all men are created equally and that the government should never violate certain rights including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (The Declaration of Independence) If a government fails to protect such rights, the people should obtain the duty to overthrow that government. Then, the people should establish a government that is capable of protecting those rights. In the case of the American Revolution, a long history of poor leadership led the colonists into overthrowing the British Government. (Right to Institute New Government)

In Common Sense, Paine outlines that as a colony of Britain; America lacks honesty with other foreign nations. They were seen as rebels, and werent capable of forming alliances with those other nations. He highlights that it is imperative that the colonies become independent in order to progress in the future. By declaring independence, America will have the ability to ask for help in its struggle for freedom, from various countries. Ultimately, Paine states that it is crucial that independence is declared.

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