An Inconveinant Truth
Essay Preview: An Inconveinant Truth
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I recently watched an informative document on global warming. The title of it was An Inconvenient Truth. I learned a great deal from this film, and it definitely changed my views on global warming and its potential threat to the Earth. In this movie, former US Vice President Al Gore explains different scientific studies and conclusions on global warming, and the affect they are having on our Earth. One thing Al Gore states during this film is that, “There are so many people on this Earth, that we have actually become a force of nature.” I believe this not just because of the thickening of the atmosphere, but other accomplishments we have made as humans that have affected the Earth as well. We have done things such as building the Panama Canal, the damming of the Colorado River with the Hoover Dam, or things as simple as irrigating a farm to grow crops. Another thing we are doing is deforesting the rainforest, and many other woodland areas of the Earth.

One thing that sets the primates apart from the rest of the species of the world is our ability to use tools. We likely use thousands of tools on a daily basis without even realizing it. Most of our tools require resources to run, and in turn, produce waste. One of the most common tools in today’s world is the automobile. Billions of people use their cars as transportation which produces carbon dioxide.

I feel like we are on a train that is about to run out of track and there is no way of stopping it. We are someone in a double jeopardy clause, if not a triple or quadruple jeopardy. We are cutting down the trees, which breathe in the harmful carbon dioxide and release oxygen that humans and animals thrive on. At the same time, we are polluting the air with carbon dioxide and other gases from exhaust fumes and many other fossil fuel burning materials. I believe that we desperately need to change our ways and enforce some sort of solution to this potentially dangerous problem.

I believe the studies and conclusions former Vice President Gore presented in his presentations and in the film to be true. Over the past few years I have noticed an increase in temperature even in our area. I know that here in Northern Kentucky we used to have white Christmas’, but we have not had a snowy Christmas for the past few years. I remember being off from school for a couple weeks, years back due to the cold temperatures and the amount of snow and ice on the ground. I also remember throughout the past few years a couple of really bad storms. The Richwood Flea Market in Richwood, Kentucky has stood for decades but was recently destroyed by a dangerous storm with record winds.

Another, and possibly one of my biggest concerns, is when

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