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Todays Choices Shape my Future
A week ago, I had a date with Jason, the cute guy from my government class. I spent about an hour looking for the perfect garment to wear and another hour executing my decision. The doorbell rang and it was Jason. He looked at me as if I was the weirdest thing he had ever seen. “You know we are going to the skating ring, right?” I think my face changed about three or four shades of red before I answered: “Oh, yes, I know that” and another three to four shades of red after realizing that I was in a short, sparkling, dress with heels on and the tinniest, cutest jacket. And then I decided to continue and say: “well I thought maybe we could go somewhere nicer.” We ended up going to an Italian restaurant near my house. That was my first and last date with Jason and I have to admit that the next two hours of the date were as awkward, if not more, as the first ten minutes of it.

Many wrong choices were made during the process of going out with Jason. The way these things work is very similar to the way an English paper works. First is the introduction which usually includes the thesis statement. If the thesis statement does not exist or in my case is inaccurate the rest of the paper will eventually fall apart. Obviously my thesis was very wrong since when I was reading Jasons note I skipped the ice-skating part. Then follows the main body of the paper, which is an extended and detailed elaboration of the thesis, or in my words getting ready to go out with Jason. Instead of wearing what I would normally wear on a date which would be a nice pair of jeans with a cute shirt and rely on

my personality to do the rest of the work I put all the emphasis on the way I looked. And finally comes the conclusion which in the English paper case would be some random thought or a hopeless try to summarize a page, or more, of pure nonsense writing into a few sentences and try to get something deep, interesting, and memorable out of it. In the case of Jason and I the conclusion is pretty self explanatory. We were over. Both the essay and I had failed miserably.

On the other hand when I think about the big picture I see that whatever happened that night was a good thing. Although it was very embarrassing and depressing at the moment it taught me a few things. As much as clichД© it might sound, I have

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