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With the theory of reinforcement, it proposes that a person can have a change to another persons behavior with using positive and negative reinforcement. With positive and negative reinforcement, this power whether it be good or bad can either help improve the moral or cause resentment at home, workplace, or any situation in which reinforcements are used as a type of reward. As you may know with any situation there is going to be strengths and weaknesses.  With strength with positive reinforcement this can build confidence ” Positive reinforcement builds confidence and helps employees have a more pleasurable experience at work while avoiding the negative side effects associated with punishment or negative reinforcement, such as frustration, anger, anxiety, and depression (Kunz, 2016).Now when we look at positive reinforcements on the flip side there is also negative reinforcements, which can cause a great deal of damage to a persons self-esteem and confidence in any situation. “One mistake that people often make is confusing negative reinforcement with punishment. Remember that negative reinforcement involves the removal of a negative condition to strengthen a behavior. Punishment on the other hand involves either presenting or taking away a stimulus to weaken a behavior (Cherry, 2016).”

Lets talk about the strengths of positive and negative reinforcement, which with these reinforcements there will always be people that will always strive beyond themselves to do whatever is necessary to do what is asked of them and their self-esteem alone with their work to show in their performance. On the other side weaknesses with using these two reinforcements can be that it can cause people to quit the task or job. They will become discourage and will not want to continue the work or they may not want to try anything again. The importance of these reinforcements is that employers have an understanding of how not use these reinforcements effectively can have a good or bad effect on their staff.Cherry, K. (2016). What is Negative Reinforcement? Retrieved on March 25, 2017 from

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