The Overachievers – Book Review
In the novel “The Overachievers” Robbins develop the theme student stress by explaining scenarios of students in high school going through different types of stress. Stress is cause by an overload of work or tasking needing to be done or completed. Perfect example of student stress is having to complete homework and work on the same night, it’s an overload of work.         One example of students stress is the character name Julie, Julie was perceived as the superstar, she was a straight A student, a triathlete, and in all Ap classes. For Julie there was no time for friends, “junior year had been stressful, both academically and socially.”(Robbins 8) Stress like this cause dropouts, sleep deprivation, and bad eating habits. Adding on to her stress was working and trying to maintain a high GPA. In today’s schooling GPA and grades are so important that we forget the materials that we’re learning. Competition within the school system cause Julie to stress herself with after school clubs and athletics that it was harder for her to maintain a social life.        AP Frank was another character in the book that experienced student stress, he was a college freshman perceived as a workhorse. With the pressure of people around him asking what his goals were Frank couldn’t really decide,”I don’t want to be a stress freak for the rest of my life.”(Robbins 25) The expectation of franks mother hender him because he wants to make her proud, but isn’t satisfied with himself at all. This tyoe of stress can cause frank to rethink what hee really wants to do with his life, should he throw everything away?

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