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A noble, and loved man is brought upon a quest for truth. A desperate time in Thebes causes Oedipus to search the past and reveal the killer of the former King Laius. Through testimonies from former servants, and accomplice’s to Oedipus upbringing, Oedipus is revealed as the killer, and makes true the prophecy. Still, as noble he came noble he remains. Despite the plague that he caused by his ignorance, Oedipus was and still is loved by the people of Thebes. They love his caring heart and self sacrifice for them, and a only noble man could have the love of so many people. Even in moments of his greatest anger, it is not without noble thought. His righteous nature and self sacrifice proves his heart is pure and without hate, always thinking of the benefit of the city and of others, only a man of noble character and heart would sacrifice so much of themselves for the sake of others. With his life crashing around him, by a radical change of fate by a destiny beyond his control, Oedipus remains the noble king he had always been.

Only a noble man can be loved so dearly by his people, for no person would love someone of evil thought or heart. No matter the doubt placed in the minds of The Chorus, their faith and love for Oedipus never falters, “Never, therefore, will I consent// To think him other than good” (39). Despite the accusation made by Tiersias the Oracle of Apollo, the Gods that Greeks fear and awe, they still deny the words of Apollo and instead put their faith into the hands of Oedipus. If Oedipus were not a noble man, the Chorus would not have defied the wishes of the Gods. When the city of Thebes was caught in the web of the riddling Sphinx , a question that could only be answered by Oedipus. “He answered her riddle and destroyed her power, and so was received joyfully into Thebes as her King” (29). From that day forth they placed their lives in Oedipus’ hands, they trust his intelligence, they trust his virtue and heart, they trust that Oedipus will only do what is best for the city. Therefore when they day came when the city of Thebes was struck with plague the went to no man other than Oedipus, knowing that his noble heart and intelligence would know what to do. Again they placed their lives with him, and he answered their cries for help, “I grieve for you my children. Believe me, I know// All that you desire of me, all that you suffer; And while you suffer, none suffers more than I” (28). His caring nature and genuine concern for his people make him nothing more than noble. The chorus love and admiration for Oedipus is a clear indication of his noble character, for even in his darkest hour their love and care for Oedipus didn’t wilt away. “Sons and daughters of Thebes, behold: this was Oedipus// Greatest of men, he held the key to the deepest mysteries;// Was envied by all his fellow-men for his great prosperity;// Behold, what a full tide of misfortune swept over his head.” (68). Despite everything Oedipus has unknowingly caused, The Chorus and the people still feel great pity and sadness for their former king. If Oedipus were not a noble man he would not deserve such treatment and sympathy but because they recognize his nobility over his savagery they still love him.

If we were to look into the past and point out all the men and women who we consider noble, they all have a single thing in common which is their ability to put others before themselves, to sacrifice their own life for the life of others. Oedipus, a man of great heart, sacrificed every bit of happiness, wealth, and his own life for the better good of the others. Oedipus has always done what is right and what is best for people other than himself When Oedipus first became aware of the terrible prophecy placed above his head, he “he fled away, putting the stars// Between me and Corinth, never to see home again,// That no such horror should ever come to pass.” (47). Only a man of noble strength would sacrifice a happy life in Corinth, so that his parents wound not have to suffer the fate placed on him. Although the loss of a childhood home cost Oedipus greatly, he saved his parents from a prophecy that would bring about a grotesque future. Even than, while suffering the painful reality of a life without a family, Oedipus again sacrificed his life for the city of Thebes, “The city was in the grip of a deadly monster, the sphinx, who pitied her ferocity against the wits of man” (28). Oedipus could of walked away from the Sphinx and her complex riddle but instead attempted to answer to answer the riddle so that the he could save the people of Thebes from the cunning creature. Who else but a noble man would sacrifice their life for a city who he has no relation with, a city he owed no debt too. Than taken in as their king for his noble sacrifice Oedipus years later is faced with a quest for the truth, that would endanger the lives of the City and himself. When

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