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Code of EthicsSynetta M. Peete        Franklin University        BSAD220-E1WWProfessor HagerottJan 12, 2015        Code of Ethics        Code of ethics is essential policies or rule that define a company statue on conduct. The education field is an organization that is full of culture and diversity, which is why having code of ethics, is so important. Teachers, administrators, and substitute teachers are all responsible for adhering to the rules and policies established by the Killeen Independent School District.        The Texas Educators Code of Ethics is the Texas Educator book that detail the standard practices and ethical conduct towards students, colleagues, school officials, parents and members of the community. The Texas Educator shall respect and obey the law, demonstrate personal integrity and exemplify honesty and good moral character. The code of ethics communicated in the employee handbook, which each employee received when they hired. The State Board of Educators (SBEC) adopted the Educators Code of Ethics. However, the campus administrator is responsible for making sure each employee adhere to these standards. The administrator has the seventh days to report any violation to the SBEC.        There are three main issues addressed in The Texas Educators Code of Ethics. First, are the Enforceable Standards, Professional Ethical Conduct, Practices, and Performances. The code outline that no deceptive practices regarding official policies from the SBEC to the school district and its certification process. Second, the Ethical Conduct toward Professional Colleagues, which states an educator shall not reveal confidential health information or personnel information concerning colleagues, make false statements about a colleague, nor discriminate against or coerce a colleague. Finally, the Ethical Conduct Toward Students. This code states an educator shall not reveal confidential information concerning a student, nor treat the student or minor in a endanger way that will hinder learning, physical health, or safety of the student or minor. In addition, educators shall refrain from inappropriate communication with a student or minor, shall not solicit or engage in sexual conduct or a romantic relationship with a student or children.

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