Tesco Information System Development Trends
Table of ContentsIntroduction        Current Market        Porter’s Five Forces        Threat of new entrants (Low)        Bargaining power of suppliers (Low)        Bargaining power of buyers (Moderate to High)        Threat of substitute (Low)        Intensity of rivalry (High)        Strategic Grid        Factory        Support        Strategic        Turnaround        Transformation Graph        Localised Exploitation        Internal Integration        Business Process Redesign        Business Network Redesign

Business Scope Redefinition        Recommendation        Conclusion        References        Appendix 1: Tesco Worldwide        Appendix 2: Tesco Logo        Appendix 3: Grocery retailers’ market share        Appendix 4: Grocery retailers’ market share        Case Study        Table of FiguresFigure 1: Porter’s Five Forces        Figure 2: Strategic Grid of Club Card program        Figure 3: Transformation Graph of Club Card program        Figure 4: Tesco Worldwide (2015)        Figure 5: Tesco Logo (2015)        Figure 6: Grocery retailers’ market share (2015)        Table of TablesTable 1: Tesco’s Porter Five Forces        Table 2: Strength and weaknesses of Transformation Graph        IntroductionTesco is an organisation that has been selected in this assignment and divided into two sections. Section 1 is discussed about the Current Market, Porter’s Five Forces, Strategic Grid, and Transformation Graph. Section 2 is regarding the acquisition of new Information System for Tesco.In 1919, Tesco was established by Jack Cohen and began as a market stall in London’s East End (PLC, 2015). Before the company called Tesco, the name was combined the name of tea supplier, T. E. Stockwell and Jack Cohen and abbreviated as Tesco in 1924 (Zips, 2015). Today, Tesco is one of the world’s largest general merchandise retailers in the United Kingdom (UK) (Ralph Stair, 2015).[pic 1][pic 2]

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