Essay Preview: Euthenasia
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Definition of Assisted Suicide
Someone provides an individual with the information, guidance, and means to take his or her own life with the intention that they will be used for this purpose.

When it is a doctor who helps another people to kill themselves it is called physician suicide.
B. Case study: Peter Clinque
Terminal stage of diabetes, blind and lost both of his legs
Wanted to die and then went into a comma
C. Case study: George Koss
Suffered from Lou Gehrigs disease
Wanted to die and in the end killed himself
II. Time Line
A. 1930s: Nazi program of involuntary active euthanasia
B. Early 1970s: Decriminalization of PAS in the Netherlands
C. 1960s: Beginning of Hospice movement
D. 1975: Quinlan
E. 1984-5: Elizabeth Bouvia decision
F. 1990: Cruzan decision by US Supreme Court
G. 1990: Timothy Quill publishes an account of his role in death of “Diane”
H. 1990-8: Kevorkian aids- 100 suicides
I. 1994: Oregon Death with Dignity Act approved by referendum
J. 1994-6: 2nd Circuit (Quill vs. Vacco) and 9th Circuit (Washington vs.
Glucksburg) decision declared PAS constitutionally protected.
III. Pro Arguments

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