Television Addicts: Pros and Cons
Essay Preview: Television Addicts: Pros and Cons
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Television Addicts: Pros and Cons
Since television was invented, it has become a daily part of our lives. But how much is too much? There are many other things one could be doing instead of watching television. Television can also cause children to become obese and/or fall behind in school. However, television can also be beneficial to children and adults. It all depends on the amount of television being watched and the content.

Television is really time consuming and it can take a child away from doing her homework and/or playing outside and getting exercise. If children are watching hours of mindless television instead of doing their homework when they get home, then their grades will suffer for it. Not only that, but when someone is watching television his brain shuts down because he is not using it 100% of the time. Also, television could take away from a child playing outside with friends because he would rather watch television. This could lead to obesity at a young age because if all the calories they eat during the day are not getting burned then they will turn into fat and extra pounds. Because of this television should only be watched sparingly because it can take away from doing their schoolwork and getting exercise outside.

On the other hand, television can be informative and educational for kids and adults. Many shows on the Discovery and Travel Channels can be very educational. For example, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman can be very interesting for people of all ages. Zimmerman travels around the globe to different countries and eats weird food from the culture. People can learn a lot about the different, amazing cities around the world. Another example is a show that can be very educational and informative: Pawn Stars. This is, again, a show for all ages that teaches people about history through the artifacts people bring in. People can learn a lot of interesting facts about history through this show. Both of these shows can be very educational and can give both adults and children a better understanding of the culture and history of different countries, not just the United States.

Television can be both a waste of time and beneficial to both adults and kids. There just needs to be a balance, especially for kids, of television, exercise, and schoolwork.

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