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tions have become diverse due to globalization and the demands of the consumer. It’s vital to create a technology support team that has knowledge and proper characteristics to work with any type of employee. Support teams are usually look at as entry-level employees and many of them do not have a definitive career route. The support team has to be a positive, encouraging, and knowledgeable group of individuals in order to succeed. Employees cannot feel intimidated when a technical issue arises, employees must feel comfortable making the call to fix the situation or issue. A bad relationship with the support team can lead to many issues within and beyond the organization. The organization should take an in-depth look and hand out a personality test before choosing the personnel for the technology support team.

Organizations will succeed or fail if the technology support team is not onboard with the vision set by the organization. A good relationship with the support team will lead to a positive and productive work environment. When an issue arises, the employee will address it immediately with the support team. The support team will take the issue and find the solution so that the employee can stay efficiently and effective. A bad relationship with the support team will lead to employees being inefficient and this will lead to a dominoes effect. If the technological issues are not being fixed then the staff will not be able to work which will lead to issues with the customers. Everything within an organization involves technology so a bad relationship with the support team will lead to the failure and headaches for employees and customers everywhere.

Organizations have been doing business without technology for many years but technology has taken over and organizations are learning to adapt quickly. Organizations understand the vital role technology plays in their livelihood and the importance of the personnel behind

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