Technology Electric Fan
Electric fan is a device that creates an air current by moving some surface through the air. Fans make the air cooling down in the hot days.
There many companies build the fans. Different companies will have different part for the fan. In general, the fan has seven major parts. They are blade, hub, motor, switch, guard, mount, and wiring.

Blade is located inside the guard. The blades are one of the most identifiable features of a fan. Blade has the paddle shaped objects that spin and move air through the fan. They also have angled to carry air from one point to another.

The second part, we have the hub. The hub is located in the center of the blade. It is the device that connects the motor to the fan blades. Without it, your fan would not work. The blades and the rest of the fan would be two different pieces. The hub keeps everything together.

The next part is the motor. The motor is what makes the fan go. It locates in the back of the fan. When an electric current activates the motor, it makes the rotor shaft spin, in turn moving the fan blades through the air.

When the current go through the motor; the fan starts working. But we need something to turn on and off. So the engineering design a switch for the fan. That switch could turn on and off the fan. Without the switch, the fans keep working all the time.

The next part is one of the safety parts. This is fan guard. The fan guards protect the fan and the users from damage. When the blade is moving at the high speed, the blade is very dangerous. So the engineering department put the guard in to cover the blade.

The mount keeps the fan stay in one place. That could be screws or the bracket. And the last part is wiring. Without wiring, a fan could not access and use electricity to moving. Wiring carries the electricity throughout the fan to the

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