Trend of the Latest Technique Affect the Design in Advertisements
Essay Preview: Trend of the Latest Technique Affect the Design in Advertisements
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There are so many trends or techniques of advertisements produced by a latest technology. A long time ago if we remember when our television transform from only just display using two color; black and white to the interesting one that have a color, we noticed that the advertisements are so bored. The point here is mostly the advertisements using the studio background for their shooting and have to use a model to promote their brands or produts. But nowadays advertisements are everywhere and the most weird the place of the advertisements, the most likely attractive to be watch by people. So, the trend that we choose is the place of the advertisements. We have provided six example of latest advertisements also supported by theories in cogniton concept. The theories that we used are color, Von Restorff effect, attention, and picture superiority effect.

Figure 1
The advertisement above shows that one child inside the water while another child is watching him. From this advertisement, it has an important message that need to deliver to people outside. The sentence inside the water “wheres your child?” means that this message is clearly focus to parents to be more alert about their children. Sometimes parents did not know where their children are and just assume that there are together with them at home. The blue color of the water shows the calmness of the water that will manipulate our perception and observation through the water. The design is not too complicated with a lot of color because its environments are just based on nature environment. Theory color in design is not just only for attract attention, but also to indicate a certain meaning. It helps the design of advertisements become alive. This advertisements use unsaturated color for the performance and efficiency.

This advertisement has a successful design because it does have achieved its goal to make us difficult to find that boy inside the water by using the color theory. Color plays big roles in designing something because it has a lot of meaning and functions by each color, iconic representation,

Figure 2
The iconic representations are divided into four types. There are similar, examples, symbolic and arbitrary. These advertisements of Air Canada are using the arbitrary icons. Arbitrary icons are images that bear little or no relationships to the action, object or concept and it has to be learned. After that icons are used for long periods of time, it become a standard icons where all people will easily recognize and understand that icons. In this advertisement, it used the yellow cone, as it is the symbol or icons of precautions. Whenever people see that icon, or that yellow cone, they will know that they have to take precautions steps. However, in this advertisement, they used it to attract attention people passing by the yellow cone. What are more interesting are the words and sentences used at the yellow cone. The arrow pointing upwards and the sentence “People Working Above” makes the people are more curious to know what is up there. And the colour is also attractive using the bright yellow. Thus, this is a good example as it used and adapting the theory of iconic representation, perception,

Figure 3
There are six principles of Gestalt Law. There are law of Pragnanz, law of Similarity, law of Good Continuation, law of Proximity, law of Closure and law of Figure/Ground. This advertisement implements the theory of law of similarity. Gestalts law of similarity states that things which share visual characteristics such as shape, size, colour, texture, value or orientation will be seen as belonging together. It means that elements that look similar will be perceived as part of the same form. In these advertisements, it uses same colour for the tombstone, contrasting with the grass. All the tombstones are also align in a straight line. It produces an image of a line. However, there is a space in between the line. It is purposely done by the designer as he wants to convey messages to the people of non-smoking area. It is an advertisement of the “World No Tobacco Day: Non Smoking Area”. He also purposely takes an example of the graveyard. It is to remind people of the death and the consequences of smoking; leading to an unhealthy life. This advertisement is considered to be a good example of designs as it used the theory of Gestalt law of similarity.

Figure 4
This BMW advertisement is example of the simple one design. Its only comes out with one sentences and a small BMW logo at the bottom of the sentence. The design also uses dark color which are not attractive at all; looks cloudy and sadness advertisements. The advertisements should have a big logo, not the big fonts of the sentences. It also should have a high intensity of color to attract

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