related for the competitive advantage in automobile industry ,using how the industries are developing and concentrating their products,also useful of the strategies .the topic explaing about the the competition between the automobile industries and its giving the brief explanation about their methodlogies.

Technical Analysis is a type of stock analysis that deals with a stocks trend and price patterns. This study has proven to be a very good indicator when used correctly. Technical Analysis assumes four things.

1. All important information is already priced into the stock. In other words a companys earnings, assets, liabilities are already factored into a stock at all times. Because of this it is not necessary to examine the fundamentals of a company before placing a trade.

2. Prices move in predictable patterns. The technicals state the price of a stock will move in predictable price patterns. These patterns can be seen in stocks and will clearly repeat themselves again and again.

3. Prices tend to move in a trend and

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