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History Repeats Itself
Essay Preview: History Repeats Itself
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History Repeats Itself
The story begins in 1927 When Babe Ruth hits 60 homeruns in a single season. This number at the time was an amazing number, one that they said would never be broken. This wasnt just a record setting moment, it was a moment that brought attention and focus on baseball “Americas favorite pastime.” This number stood for thirty three years and was never to be beat, this was until a young New York Yankee from Fargo named Roger Maris came into the picture.

In 1961 after battling with Teammate Mickey Mantle put on a show battling for Ruths record. Mantle fell short due to injury but Roger went on to beat this record by hitting an amazing 61 homeruns. Baseball fans everywhere were shocked and could only wonder, will this be broke too, who will do it, and when? Baseball fans around the world would have to wait another 37 years to find this out; but non the less they do!

The year is now 1998 and Im 13 years old sitting in front of my television watching a man named Marc McQwire try to beat a record that at the time I did not know much about. On September 8th 1998 Marc beat Maris 37 year old record by hitting 62 homeruns, then on his way to a 70 homerun season. This was a sad day for the Maris family to see the late Roger Maris record shattered, but for baseball this brought about a second coming. Baseball had been struggling after the strike so this brought people back to the game, just to get a glimpse at history.

Today McQwires record isnt even standing it was beating 3 years after he had set it. The magic of the record had seem to have worn off after it changed hands so quickly, but the summer of 1998 is what brought the game back to its original glory. For that one summer baseball was everywhere, it was “Americas favorite past time” once again. Two men at two different times made history. History does repeat itself.

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