Team Building
American football also known gridiron in some other countries is a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field which is 120 yards long with goalposts at each end. The objective of the sport is for the offense to attempt to advance the football down the field by running with or passing it within a certain amount of downs while trying not to be stopped by the opposing teams defense. What most fail to realize is that there are more things involved into an actual football team besides the act of playing the sport itself. The backbone of a team is the team building issues that help mold/create a cohesive unit “team”.

When dealing with this particular kind of team (football) there are 2 out of 5 team building issues that would benefit the team most. The first team building issue is role definition, because what the issue does is: it helps an individual know exactly what is expected for them to do…what needs to be accomplished and what your position is. Secondly, it notifies what others on the team are responsible of. I believe role definition to be a very beneficial aspect to the development of the team because it helps gets rid of confusion which in a live game experience is something you do not want to occur. For example, without role definition on a football team players would never know what they are supposed to do, which player to guard/ which player not to guard…they would overlap on to other players responsibilities thus chaos on the field has now been created due to a lack of role definition.

The second team building issue I thought would benefit the team is cohesion building. I believe cohesion building to have the strongest impact on this type of team because a team that is not cohesive or has no type of connection with one another makes accomplishing tasks real difficult therefore most obstacles that mightve been easy to overcome simply cannot. For example, when football players go out on to the field they want to be safe and feel safe; a great way for them to establish a feeling of safeness other than the equipment theyre wearing is to be able to trust their fellow teammates around them. When looking at the quarterback they want to feel safe knowing that their offensive linemen will hold their blocks long enough for him to get rid of the ball…without cohesion/trust in his players hell panic and can potentially be

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