Adding and Subtracting of Word Problems
Essay Preview: Adding and Subtracting of Word Problems
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Title or Topic of Lesson : Adding and Subtracting of Word Problems
Explain how the topic was presented : The topic was presented to the children with a transparency math lesson on an overhead projector.
Explain how the students reacted : The children were very attentive to the teachers lesson. She first began the lesson by starting to read the math problems. She identified the math symbols of addition and subtraction. She explained to the students that any time they read the words “take away, fly away, how many more, how many are left” they were supposed to subtract. When they read words “add, join, in all, together” they needed to add.

Did the students interact with the teacher or did the teacher do all the talking? The students and the teacher interacted very well. She would ask them questions and they would answer. She would tell them to repeat the math problem as she was reading it so they could familiarize themselves with the problem. Then she would ask them what sign would they use for the specific math problem, and the children would raise their hands and she would choose on one student to answer. She would then ask the child to explain why they came up with that answer.

Did the students interact with each other? When the lesson was over, the teacher asked the students to work on their math book and do the math problems she assigned. As they were doing the problems they would work in pairs to see if they were doing the problems correctly. The teacher and her two assistants walked around the students to be available in case they had difficulty doing a math problem.

Was there any cooperative or collaborative portion of the lesson? As the teacher was reading the math problems, she asked different students to go up to the board and answer the questions. She would then ask the students to explain why they came up with that answer to see if they were understanding the concept.

How did the teacher know whether the students understood the lesson? She asked the students to explain why they thought they should use an addition or subtraction sign for the problem she was working on. She would also ask for them to show a thumbs up if they understood or a thumbs down if they didnt.

Did the teacher seem to enjoy giving the lesson? The teacher enjoyed the lesson very much. She was happy that the children were understanding the lesson and interacting during the lesson.

Did the teacher show any bias for or against or make any remarks favorable or unfavorable regarding math? No.
Did the teacher ever show different ways to solve problems or different ways to explain the lesson? The teacher showed different methods or adding or subtracting. She instructed the children that they could use their fingers, the

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