Ixl Innovation Olympics – CorporaciĂłn Multi Inversiones
CMI Challenge Statement: Almost 90% of the Class A and B are currently being served by Corporacion Multi Inversiones (CMI). CMI is looking for solutions to be able to target the bottom of the pyramid. CMI also recognizes the importance of digitalization, new payment systems, education and healthcare as new areas for growth.Goal:To achieve a breakeven point in $500 million to billion business in 5 years 5 elementsMarket: customers’ needs & influence & experiencesDelivery Channels people access your offeringsLocationHours & seasonsOfferingsProductsServicesBrandProduction: how to produce offeringsCompetencies & partners’ competenciesOwn assets or partners’ assetsTechnology processesBusiness modelNetworksPartnersDifferent pricing models5 exercises to help us reach the goalsYour company – LolaFuture – RuchiCompetitor – ArjunPartners on the value chain – AliceAdjacencies – PalakGoal:To achieve a breakeven point in $500 million to billion business in 5 years

TATA5 elementsMarket: customers’ needs & influence & experiences – Steel, chemicals, Automobiles beverages, watch , Hotels , power and IT.Delivery Channels people access your offerings – Retail market, In house production and vertical integration of distribution channelsLocation –  Hours & seasonsOfferingsProducts – Insurance, Watch, Tea, Salt, Steel, automobilesServices – IT support, Tata Finance division , ecommerce, digital infrastructure (Tata Sky), Airlines servicesBrand -Production: how to produce offeringsCompetencies & partners’ competencies – Steel manufacturers, food and beverage manufacturers, Power generationOwn assets or partners’ assets Technology processesBusiness modelNetworksPartnersDifferent pricing modelsReliance industriesMarket: customers’ needs & influence & experiences – energy, petrochemicals, textiles, retail.October 30th,  chemicals : Chemicals – Soda ash, Sodium Bicarbonate, Caustic soda, Chlorine, Liquid Bromine, Gypsum, Phosphoric acid and Sulphuric acids.Fertilisers – Urea, Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP), Di-ammonium phosphate (DAP), NPK complexes and single super phosphate (SSP)Consumer products – Salt: Tata Salt, I-Shakti, Tata Salt Lite, Tata Salt DFS; Cooking soda : I-Shakti cooking sodaBiofuels – Bioethanol, BiodieselFresh produce – Khet-SeCement – Tata ShudhPulses – Tata I-shakti dalsWater purifier – Tata swachBeverages :  Sodas, Tea, coffee ( coffee from Colombia) , joint alliances with starbucks , natural fruit juices & concentrates.Leveraging Telefonica services in home country : Building strategic partnership with Telefonica to provide low cost telephone services.Watches and Eyewear(prescription reading glasses)Acquire telecommunication companies : Fixed line and wireless communication providers.E-learning education provider,offering corporations, universities, schools, publishers and government institutions training including simulations, story based learning, courseware and curriculum design & development, special-needs education, assessment tools, electronic performance support systems (EPSS), mobile learning, game-based learning, consulting services and training outsourcing services.  Orientation & Compliance training for new recruits.

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