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that is very good. Also, most of the people in Singapore and other countries prefer Avis rather from other competitors because of its amazing service, breath taking pricing and the variety of all kinds of cars. Lets not forget that Avis came up second internationally.

According to the figure provided in the case study (Euro international, 2009) it shows that Avis comes fifth in the market share with 4.4% in Singapore. Adding to that, the Avis industry in Singapore only has four operations, which is very poor and it need to increase the number of operations regarding the high number of population there. On the other hand, two of these operations centers are located in changi.

Avis is the leading car company in all over Asia, which are the customers expectations to have the best service and quality cars that they can get. Also, Avis can keep it up like this in order to increase their reputation more and more and also improve it more to be the leading company in car renting and leasing industry. In addition, avis knows what their target market is so they can do some strategies to improve their sales and performance. They target three categories and they are married and single Singaporean drivers, tourists holidaying in Singapore and expatriates residing in Singapore. Avis could open some new non-airport locations and offices so that they can increase their market transactions in the future.

One of the major threats that avis might face is that most of the people and tourists use the public transport system because it is excellent and inexpensive. Adding to that, the car rental market is not large enough in Asia, Singapore is the second smallest country in Asia. The increasing of the off peak cars (OPC) is considered a threat because it has lowered Avis rental transactions. Considering the above analysis, the government

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